Whatever else you place into a room, the fabrics, the decorative accents, your window plans – perhaps the coloring on the wall surfaces – the thing which primarily identifies any space would be the furnishings which we decide to place in it. So, when we are making a choice as huge as this, there are many more than a couple of aspects to consider. Normally the first issues that seize our consideration on home furniture are the shades, the covers as well as the design or even the timeline of the design.

Although many of these factors are important and deserve our undivided attention when deciding on your home furniture, we’d like to inform you about one other that has more to do with the visual aspects of the furniture itself. One of the most critical parts of which will determine your furniture’s attractiveness, the value and also the durability is choosing the particular material. And when you are looking for a timeless material which may apply to a large variety of home furniture, there is only a very limited selection which has as much to offer as walnut.

Walnut makes for a great choice making not only a more traditionally styled piece of furniture, but for the last decade it has been reinvented by designers to go with the trends of the future with more intriguing and modern designs. Walnut, unlike many other kinds of wood is a durable wood which, with the correct finish of wax and oils is able to maintain its beauty for years. This is one of the main reasons (along with the fact that it is a dark colored wood) that interior designers, wood processors like us (Seeland Wood) and many unique furniture designers have chosen this particular specie of wood for their work. The hard part however is finding which piece of walnut furniture is the correct one for your home. Not to worry though, by following these tips and useful ideas, finding your walnut piece will be a piece of cake!

  • The Qualities Of Walnut Wood?

Walnut is known as a hardwood, which means that this particular tree loses its leaves during the seasons of winter and fall. The black walnut type, which we Seeland use to supply to our clients along with English walnut are the most commonly used types of walnut in making the furniture you see nowadays in shops. The reason for this choice is because the grain of the wood is mainly straight unlike many other species. When looking at the color of the wood itself, it may vary from an extremely dark color which can be found around the middle parts of the tree and the comparatively lighter color can be found just beneath the bark, which in term gives us lots of color choices to pick from.

  • Why Should You Choose Walnut?

Walnut is actually a robust, tough and sturdy timber which carves nicely and retains an excellent form for many years. It’s an outstanding option for luxuriant home furniture that needs advanced carpentry, for instance a mantelpiece or perhaps headboard. It was typically utilized to create cupboards along with other furnishings in 17th and 18th century European countries due to its characteristics. Modern day furnishings are more often constructed with walnut veneers instead of manufactured from solid walnut as a consequence of high cost.

Walnut furniture may also easily last an entire lifetime as long as there is someone who takes proper care and maintenance of the walnut wooden furniture. This is also the main reason why it has stayed popular as a material choice for furniture by designers and decorators worldwide!



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