Last time we wrote about the particulars on why to choose walnut instead of other woods from which you could choose from in order to decorate your home. For us Seeland Wood, decorators and designers worldwide the choice for walnut is very clear due to the many layers of color that the walnut tree has to offer. Aside from the color, walnut wood is amazingly sturdy and will easily outlast you, with the proper maintenance and care of course. Today however, we’ll be looking at the particulars on shape and price when getting a piece of walnut wood for your DIY projects.

  • Walnut Characteristics

The perfect walnut ought to have a straight grain, and would have a clear coating of wax and oils. Walnut has it’s imperfections (we’d like to call them the characteristics of the walnut tree here at Seeland), it largely depends on your own taste as to whether or not you’d like to show them off or remove them. Another thing you’d probably want to look for is whether you want to get a solid slab for your furniture which would allow for a unique shape and design for your walnut furnishing. The other option is to go for a common design which would most probably be made from finger joint boards and edge glued panels to create a certain shape rather then follow the original plan of the tree. Here at Seeland however, we custom make the shape for your home furnishing so feel free to leave us a message with your requirements so that we can mail you back with a quote.

  • Talking Money & Choices

Character & Single piece OR Finger joint & Price?

“There are many ways which leads to Rome.” A European saying used to describe that there are many roads to take to get to where you want to get. The same goes for acquiring your walnut slab, walnut solid panels, and your walnut wooden furniture. So first things first, it is very important to decide on whether or not you feel that you’d like to have 1 solid piece of walnut or multiple “Finger Joint Boards” which tend to be even more robust but cheaper in price. Single pieces of solid walnut tend to be higher in price but have their characteristics on display which makes for the unique design.

Purchasing from a Retail store, Clearing houses or Wood Processor?

When it comes to the location of purchasing your walnut wooden furniture there are a couple of things to consider which boil down to your time frame and the amount that you are willing to spend on it.

If you are looking to spend an adequate amount of money and have no time to wait for your piece, going to an antique store, retail store or even an auction would be the choice for you.

If you’re looking for a much more cost efficient deal then you might want to do a bit of research and consider getting your walnut piece at a furniture clearinghouse which has items that have not sold well in most of the chain stores and can be purchased from there for a bargain.

Now last but not least (have to have a bit of advertisement for us), if you have around a week or 3 to wait for your custom made furniture, you may want to consider purchasing your walnut furnishings from a wood processor such as Seeland. The price for which you can purchase your slabs, finger joint boards, solid panels and much more is greatly lower than those found in retail and antique.
Aside from that, the sizes and thickness can be requested without issue. Seeland has a professional team of designers and representatives who will guide you every step of the way. Click here to find out more on what we are able to do for your walnut dreams.

We trust these tips on buying your home furnishings will prove useful when you’re purchasing yours!