A short introduction the FSC – Golden standard in forest certification

The Forest Stewardship Council sets criteria with regard to responsible forest control. The voluntary program, FSC employs the strength of the industry to safeguard woodlands for our children and grandchildren.


Some individuals experience the best practice to avoid deforestation is to cease having forest products. The fact remains, people today make use of woodland items every single day. By way of example, the typical American utilizes almost 6 trees worth of paper every year.

Consequently, the FSC makes use of the market’s need to make certain woodlands will be conscientiously maintained. Since FSC is definitely the defacto standard in woodland certification, it is considered the only system reinforced by other world organizations which includes WWF, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Natural Resources Defense Council and National Wildlife Federation.

Nowadays, over 380 million hectares of woodland are licensed under FSC’s system, including over 150 million hectares located within Canada and the United States.


What the FSC consists out of and why?


Around 50 % of operating forestland in the states is actually owned and monitored} by ten million households and individuals jointly referred to as “family forest owners”. Family forestland supplies astounding community value from clean water, animal ecosystems, and consistent work opportunities pertaining to woodland personnel.

The FSC-US Family Forests Program delivers a potent market-driven motivation for this control group to take part in responsible woodland stewardship. By means of productive, inexpensive group accreditation plans, family woodland owners can realize the cost-effective advantages of stewardship and obtain access to trading markets for FSC-certified wooden as well as paper goods.


Why this article?


Seeland’s activity among the hundreds of thousands of other suppliers of fine woods around the world is happy to inform you that we are FSC certified and only contribute to responsible woodland harvesting. Our high grade walnut wooden goods such as slabs, table tops and also our wooden finger joint boards have been cut down under the supervision and approval of the FSC. Our beautiful walnut wooden timbers have been transported with care as to ensure that we are able to utilize every parts of the walnut tree and bring it to your home in the best state and shape it could be.