SEELAND is a leading professional & reliable producer of high-quality building and furniture Walnut materials.

We provide worldwide grade materials with a reputable record as one of the top manufacturers of high-grade Walnut in China.

Quality is our first priority. we obtained FSC Controlled and ISO9001 Certificates.

Cooperation with Seeland wood will be an enjoyable experience. We insist on doing everything seriously and continuously to improve our team services capabilities to satisfy clients’ requirement.

Besides that, we own another subsidiary brand named “WOOD WOOD” that focus on many species table tops, such as walnut, purple heart, ash, sycamore, oak, many Japanese and euro species, etc.

Once you selected, we hope to be your partner forever. Welcome to visit us in Donguang, China.

American Walnut Supplier
Member of National Hardwood Lumber Association of North American

Member of National Hardwood Lumber Association of North American

Member of American Hardwood Export Council

Member of American Hardwood Export Council

FSC Controlled Wood Certificate

FSC Controlled Wood Certificate

ISO9001 Certified

ISO9001 Certified

Member of Guangdong Furniture Association

Member of Guangdong Furniture Association

Teaching Practice Base of Northeast Forestry University

Teaching Practice Base of Northeast Forestry University

History of Seeland Wood

We promoted some new walnut products , such as table top with live edge , Sandwich Solid Panel , 3mm Edge-glued Panel , Serving Board. It became very interested by our clients and won a large outpouring of favorable comments. Meanwhile, we are setting up our USA branch “Seeland Wood LLC” to enhance our global procurement and marketing strategy.


We started our first exporting Business of AMERICAN WALNUT MADE PRODUCTS. We sold them to Korean market. At the same time , we started to receive orders from Japanese company, Vietnamese company and from Middle East Markets continuously.


We decided to focus on our wood industrial business, so we stopped our wood trading business in the other places. We switched to process Walnut lumbers and Edge Glued Panels , Finger Joint Board.


Finally we set up our manufacturer in Dongguan city, China where is connected with Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
We introduced the most up-to-dated machines and decorated our office.
We started to process our wood resource which we bought from European to timbers for domestic market.
We began to import the wood species from USA.


Jimmy came out an idea of establishing a manufacturer to process hard wood.
Then, we were busy with finding and evaluating the locations and resources like the condition of port and transportation, the machines and so on.


We start the hardwood trading into our business. We import Beech , Oak, Lime, Ash, Alder from the european countries , like France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany.


Jimmy started his own business of wood. He set up a team to import the logs from the Latvia, Lithuania , Ukrain and then sell to domestic market. Mainly species were softwood , like pine, spruce .
Our company had 5 offices at that time. We had our sales office and warehouse in Qingdao, Tianjin ,Taicang and two documentary office in Taiyuan and Fuzhou.


Jimmy started to help his father and uncle to do Chinese wood business when he was 18 years old.


Mr.Zhang started his wood business in 1988. He was selling chinese northeastern Pine, Ash,Lime, Oak,Birch Logs to the domestic market. It lasted 25 years until 2013.