What the logo stands for

This FSC Combined tag has been around since ’04 and enables suppliers to blend FSC-certified materials along with non-certified materials in FSC-labeled goods within governed environments. The non-certified materials controlled by these kind of conditions is known as “Controlled Wood.The system has allowed suppliers to help maintain a simple yet effective supply chain whilst developing a consistent need for FSC-certified goods.

What excludes suppliers or Organizations from getting FSC certified?

The FSC Controlled Wood Standard decreases the potential risk of making use of timber merchandise by ‘unacceptable’ sources within FSC-labeled goods. The subsequent kinds of timber plus wood products are regarded as unacceptable, and therefore are prevented in FSC-labeled products through Controlled Wood sourcing:

  • Illegally gathered wood
  • Wood harvested violating traditional and municipal rights
  • Wood harvested from woodlands in which High Conservation Values are endangered through management functions
  • Wood harvested right from natural forests which had been changed into non-forest uses
  • Wood from genetically altered woods.

Presently, organizations making Controlled Wood promises must complete a risk evaluation to determine potential risk of their non-certified timber received from these kinds of inappropriate sources. Solely those sources considered “minimal risk” might be regarded as Controlled Wood and thus blended with FSC-certified resources. This specific risk evaluation has to be independently approved as an element of Chain-of-Custody certification.

How am I able to find an organization that is FSC certified?
A great tool pertaining to discovering risk associated with non-certified timber certainly is the FSC Global Forest Registry. The registry offers info on the potential risks involving sourcing timber items from improper sources around the globe. This registry covers more than 150 nations around the world and it is intended to meet the requirements associated with organizations sourcing FSC Controlled Wood.