Project Description



Edge glued panels

Producing a smooth edge that will successfully perform in a glue line is the first and most important step in panel layup. Our walnut edge glue panels, as their names suggest are multiple planks of walnut glued along the lengthy edges which are pressured long enough for the glue to have dried up and form a thick solid panel which then can be used for other projects. What is also not known by many is that smaller pieces of lumber edge glued together are actually stronger and way more stable than a single, solid piece of lumber of similar dimension.

What to use the Edge Glued Panels for?

No matter whether you desire a modest top to fit on several metal edges regarding a project, a substitute top for an existing table or a 6″ x 10″ solid wood cooking island (yeah you observed that right!), we are able to do it all. We, here at Seeland hand pick each and every panel, and devote time laying out each top to show off the best possible qualities of the wood. We process a great number of walnut wooden panels each year intended for clients who come from nearly every region in the world. The term/word table top however is quite general and is more frequently referred to as solid wood panels. Our clients have utilized our products for numerous projects including but not limited to:

  • Desk top
  • Conference tables
  • Bar Tops
  • Cooking island tops
  • Headboards
  • Display panels in stores
  • Office Particions
  • Unique furniture designs as part of DIY projects

As ‘Custom Made’ is exactly what we do every single day and have years of experience creating dreams along side our clients; we are more than happy to assist and recommend ideas for your wood furnishing ideas. Please feel free to contact us, no matter how big the dream you have.

We will respond you within 24 hours.