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Walnut Finger Joint Board

One of the most high end and classic darker woods since we’ve known which dates back hundreds if not thousands of years is walnut. Still used these days and continues to live up to the standards we provide you with a finger joint board (also known as a box joint or comb). If you had to imagine what a finger joint looks like you could interlock your fingers and notice that the joint of these are hard to separate. This also goes for the walnut finger joint boards which does not only give the entirety lots of strength and creates a robust platform, but also contributes a lot to the aesthetics of the overall board.

How are Finger Joint Board’s made?

The chemically treated, rough sawn kiln dried wood is used to help make the FJB and it is this specific component which determines the quality in Seeland’s FJB along with the amount and kind of “flaws” found within the wood itself. However’ Seeland exercises a robust quality system in manufacturing which in turn assures consistency and perfection in the FJBs. In the process, we begin with the cross cutting machine which eliminates (depending on requested Quality Grade) all imperfections like piths, knots, bends, tapping marks etc. Secondly the six spindle molder smoothens all 6 sides and evens out tough edges. Then the finger framing and joining system creates fingers around the sides of the wood rendering it suitable for joining. The fingers are joined and strips are made after which pieces are assembled and joined with glue, using a hydraulic clamp carrier or rotary hold carrier. Finally the panel is trimmed to request size using a panel saw.

What are Walnut Finger Joint Boards for?

As finger joint boards are smaller pieces of dry wood glued and sanded to make bigger boards, they are commonly used to create doors, table tops, window frames and even complete wooden floors. They may also be made to repair tables or chairs or even timber roofs.


As with many of our products, we supply our walnut finger joint boards in different available grades ranging from A to D ** thicknesses from 18-20MM. However, for those out their looking to have their finger joint board(s) tailored to specific projects, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or contacting our live support team where we’ll advise you on your next finger joint board idea or provide you with a quotation.


A Grade: No Discoloration, pin knots acceptable.
B Grade: Discoloration acceptable, live knot acceptable, No sound knot.
C Grade: Discoloration acceptable, live knot acceptable, sound knot acceptable.
D Grade: Discoloration acceptable, live knot acceptable, sound knot acceptable, small crack acceptable.

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