Walnut wood has recently drawn in the combined creativity spot of honor which makes it probably the most well-known essences and causes it to be identifiable with high quality, sophistication, as well as durability. But just what exactly owes his fortune this timber, to this day much accustomed to recognize luxurious traditional home furniture?  When did the essence become blessed pertaining to home furniture created to result in the history of pieces of furniture?


Coming from the class of hardwood – and various other woods such as maple, ebony, ash and also mahogany – walnut includes high quality plus durability conventional to this variety of wood to a top notch work ability. Its characteristics had brought about him to be the preferred specially during the Renaissance age, which was when walnut (especially black walnut) grew to be royal wood for superiority in particular within the history of Italian home furnishings, but was also a well-known wood in Great Britain as well as in countries of Anglo-Saxon regions, in which it comes to compete the by then favorite wood kind, mahogany.


For it to be a wood so highly valued, in combination with its distribution which was more than abundant throughout Italy, were its unique qualities, which made him excellent for the pieces of furniture in  Renaissance style: magnificent, aristocratic, rigid and at the same time indicated by designs and carvings as well as inlays rich and delicate, hand-crafted by woodworkers and carpenters – designers of quality value and fantastic fame, where the hunt for flawlessness got right down to the tiniest details became a stage for recognition. Ever since then favorable fortune of walnut wood used for the manufacturing of traditional home furnishings never failed, and even nowadays is really a characteristic of the craftsman household furniture manufacturing.